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TD400 Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine

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TD400 Automatic cellophane wrapping machine, suitable for middle size square boxes 3 dimensional wrapping, e.g. cosmetics industry, stationary industry and food industry etc. It has the characteristics of moistureproof, dustproof and anti-counterfeiting. The wrapping effect is transparent, which makes the products more attractive.This machine can be connected with automatic encasing machine.


Name Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Model TD400
Packing Speed 15-30 piece/min
Motor Power 4kw
Heating Power 3.7kw
Voltage 220V/50Hz-60Hz
Film Type BOPP, PVC , PP film
Packing Type Box ,Solid state product
Air pressure 7.5kg/Cubic Meters
Packing Size L 100-400mm
W 50-220mm
H 20-110mm
Weight 1000kg
Feeding Conveyor 1800mmx300mmx750mm
Machine Size L2350mm×W900mm×H1700mm



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