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Chain conveyor system

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BOXLINE chain conveyor system can achieve high chain tensile forces. The nearly closed chain surface enables even small components to be transported without complication. An extensive range of products provides solutions for the most diverse conveyor tasks.

BOXLINE chain conveyor system is economical conveyor system for many applications. It is designed for a wide variety of applications ranging from engineering to the electronicsindustry to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical sector.

BOXLINE chain conveyor system excellent features is its problem-free adaptation to specific tasks.

Whether it be for vertical or horizontal transport, the wide selection of standardized curves and curve wheels provides new planning and implementation possibilities.

Besides the section layout with vertical and horizontal curves, curve wheels, lateral guides and profiles, the drive concept is also modular: the drives with various speeds are compactly built and equipped with an overload coupling. Motors with integrated frequency converters let the conveying speed be infinitely set on site to meet your specific requirements.

The characteristics of BOXLINE chain conveyor system: *Flexible
*Save space
*Low noise
*Low maintenance
*Modular and recyclable

Gallery-Chain Conveyor system